This is a short overview of the process.  Please kindly note that no two cases are alike and that your facts and circumstances determine the steps and process.  The below is merely provided as an example and may not apply to your case in every way.

The below road map is for someone who is pregnant and considering adoption for her child.

Six Steps:  

(1) Completing Contact Form – Throughout this website there are contact form buttons along with the contact form at the top of this page.  Please complete the sections that you are able to and the adoptive family and their attorney will get in contact with you to introduce themselves.

(2)  Contact Established – The goal is to connect with you via telephone, text, and/or email and introduce you to the family and their attorney on the same day that you leave your contact information.

(3)  Provide Health Information – A critical component of any adoption is providing all health and medical background to the prospective adoptive parents prior to the birth to allow them to prepare for any known medical or health conditions even prior to the birth of the child as well as confirming your pregnancy to provide you with any needed and allowance assistance.

(4)  Once your pregnancy has been confirmed and health background and medical information provided, assistance during your pregnancy could then be defined, agreed to, established, and provided.

(5)  During the duration of your pregnancy, you would have the opportunity to receive counseling, get to know your adoptive family over the telephone and in person, continue your medical care, and prepare for the birth; and

(6) With your permission, the adoptive family could be present for the arrival of the baby and take the baby home directly from the hospital.